Project Benefits

The Affinity will provide the ideal setting for seniors to remain in the heart of Pasadena, and embrace a healthy lifestyle, close to family and friends.

The Affinity is an investment in Pasadena to create a wellness community consisting of quality eldercare residences and new Class A medical office/research space in a transit friendly, walkable area of the city.

Senior woman in a hat watering plants with smiling young girl

The onsite medical facilities are expected to provide the highest-quality care to the broader community and nearby residents, providing convenient access via the Metro L (Gold) Line. The facility will help expand and support the medical and research-related uses surrounding the Huntington Hospital and along Arroyo Parkway. It will bring new, state-of-the-art resources to Pasadena providing the setting necessary to attract top medical professionals to the city.

Pasadena has among the highest concentrations of residents aged 50 and older in the Los Angeles region while currently facing an acute shortage of senior assisted living facilities. The Affinity will provide a much-needed option for seniors who wish to remain in the community and near public transit as they age, and to maintain relationships with local friends, family and service providers.

Senior woman sitting, young doctor, nurse in green scrubs, taking her blood pressure

The project is designed to meet local community needs and complement existing businesses and residences. The planned development will feature outstanding amenities, extensive landscaping and streetscape improvements to enhance the walkability in the surrounding area and activate the street frontage along the Arroyo Parkway. Residents, workers and retail customers will be within walking distance of public transit.

Area Views

Research Corridor
Aerial view identifying existing buildings in Medical Research Corridor
Old Pasadena/Civic
Center District
Aerial view identifying buildings in Old Pasadena, Civic Center District

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